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Pitcher Greg Maddux #31 of the Chicago Cubs stares into the camera for this photo before a circa 1980's Major League Baseball game. Maddux played for the Cubs from 1986-92, 2004-06. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

Greg Maddux through the years

Greg Maddux won 355 games. He won four Cy Young Awards, consecutively. He finished in the top five of that vote five other times. He won 18 Gold Gloves. So he goes to the Hall of Fame near unanimously, and it will be said he was among the best at what he did, that he was smarter than most, and more intuitive, and cleverer. And while his intellectual skills will be honored, it is one thing to understand how to win a game a pitch at a time, quite another to execute it. Neither would have worked without the other, however, not to the extent Maddux made it work over most of his 23 seasons.
Tim Brown