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The Metrodome collapsed early Sunday morning after a blizzard dumped 17 inches of snow on Minneapolis. Because of the damage to the stadium, Monday's scheduled New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game was moved to Detroit's Ford Field.

Cameras were positioned inside the stadium and caught the collapse on tape. To call the video incredible would be an understatement. It looks like the beginning of Armageddon: 

The roof over the Metrodome is inflatable, not hard. It's the same sort of bubble you see over swimming pools or tennis courts in the winter, making this collapse almost like a deflated balloon imploding onto the field.

As a result, the damage is not thought to be severe enough to close the stadium for an extended period of time. It will, however, force the Vikings and Giants to play elsewhere on Monday night, continuing the odyssey of this game which began on Saturday when the Giants were stuck in Kansas City because of airport closures.

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Heavy snows in Minnesota closed the Minneapolis airport, which left the Giants stranded in the midwest. The game between the Vikings and Giants, originally scheduled for 1 p.m. ET on Sunday had been moved to Monday night because of the delays. Now the teams will fly to Detroit to play at Ford Field, which will be available after the Lions host the Packers on Sunday. The Giants-Vikings game will kick off at 7:20 p.m. ET. Tickets will be free for anyone who wants to attend. Any ticket holders for the game in Minnesota will receive preferential seating at the 50-yard line if they can make the journey through the snow-ravaged Midwest.  

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Moving NFL games is rare but has happened occasionally over the past decade. Hurricane Katrina forced the New Orleans Saints to hold a "home game" in New York, while the San Diego Chargers moved a game to Tempe, Ariz., due to California wildfires in 2003.

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