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October 07, 2008

Plaxico Burress ... bad guy?

Look at that picture. He can't be a bad guy. He puts on his receiving gloves to pick up his child, so he can get a better grip and minimize the potential for dropping the kid. That's some father-of-the-year stuff right there.

But upon his return to the Giants yesterday, Plaxico Burress offered neither excuses or apologies; only a slight air of righteous defiance. He did what he did, he has no regrets, and says he'd do it again.

My guess is that this is no surprise to the Giants. They had to know how he felt about what happened, and knew that this reaction was coming today. From that standpoint, I don't expect any further reaction. But I was curious to see how fans would react.

From what I can tell so far, the guy's getting roasted like Terrence Newman trying to cover Santana Moss. This fellow doesn't like it, this fellow wants to see if it devolves into a Terrell Owens with Philadelphia type of situation, and the commenters here aren't terribly sympathetic. That was the vibe I got in our live blog last night, too.

I feel like I'm missing something. Yeah, he should have called, and maybe you'd like him to be a little more remorseful for missing a game. But other than some accusations from Jay Glazer that I don't necessarily accept as gospel, what has Plax done to deserve such a short leash? 

He plays hard, he plays injured, he blocks, his quarterback loves him, and he was a huge part of the Giants Super Bowl run last year. There was nothing but praise for him back in February.

So does all of that buy him nothing? What does he have to do to earn just a little benefit of the doubt? And we don't even know what happened that caused Plax to miss the meeting. He won't tell us.

“It was just a situation I had to deal with that morning, and I made the right decision,” Burress said during a conference call that lasted about 20 minutes. “I don’t have any regrets about the decision I made at all. [...]

Burress, who caught a career-high 12 touchdowns last season, never explained why he did not report to Giants Stadium after dropping his son off at school. He indicated that there was more involved without getting into explanations.

“There are some things that you guys don’t know,” Burress said. “So you can’t say it wasn’t an emergency on my part because you don’t know everything that was going on.”

No doubt, he could have handled the whole thing better, but come on. Plax has earned a little bit of slack. It's not like he came out yesterday and said, "There was this stripper, and one of her clear heels broke, and I thought I needed to help her, because her name was Glitter, and her sandals were kind of glittery, and you guys don't know what happened because you weren't there."

It's his kid. You really don't know what happened. Plax has been a relatively good soldier for the Giants, especially when compared to other stars at his position. So let's leave him out of the Idiot Wide Receiver category until further incident.

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