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In the seventh round of yesterday's NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills selected a fellow named Demetrius Bell. It wasn't a pick that sent shockwaves through the draft or anything, as Bell played tackle for the scrappy little Northwestern State Demons, who went 4-7 last year as members of the division 1-AA (or whatever they call it now) Southland Conference.

The only interesting thing about the pick is that Bell is the offspring of NBA great Karl Malone. I hesitate to say "son," because that implies some sort of relationship between the two, and Karl Malone, according to Demetrius, was pretty adamant that no such relationship exists.

The two have been estranged for most of Bell's life. And Bell, who switched from basketball to football three years ago at Northwestern State University, doesn't expect that to change after he was selected with the 219th overall pick.

"I wouldn't say it's disappointing. All of that's behind me now," Bell said when asked if it mattered that he couldn't share the achievement with Malone. "I feel good I made it this far. Nothing against him."

Bell, the son of Gloria Williams, was 18 when he first made contact with Malone, according to the notes provided by the NFL. At the time, Malone told Bell that, "It was too late for him to be his father and that Bell would 'earn his money on his own,"' the NFL notes said.

He's right, 18 years old probably is too late. The average male life expectancy in the United States is only about 75 years, and really, how much can you accomplish in a mere 57 years? Karl might as well not even bother. What's he going to get out of it, anyway? A couple of ties on Father's Day? No thanks. Raise yourself, kid.

It kind of makes sense, though. The Mailman, as any mailman does, finds his destination, makes a deposit, and continues on with his route. His job is merely to inseminate the mailbox with letters. It's not his job to hang around and read them to you. I get it.

As for Bell, the scouting report on him says that he needs to add size and upper-body strength. Given his father's freakishly jacked physique, I'm going to guess that that won't be a problem.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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