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Craig Kwasniewski of The Association is one of the biggest Lakers fan around. He's a loyal season ticket holder, probably owns a Magic Johnson jersey or eight, and is a proud card-carrying member of "Celtics Hater."

Which is why it was surprising to see Kwasniewski list a few reasons why the Boston Celtics should keep Ray Allen and give "The Big Three" one last shot at a title.

Here's an excerpt:

The long regular season. Relax Boston ... I know it's cold and miserable back east and the long winter is getting to you but you really need to be reminded how The Association works. The NBA regular season is a very long 82-games over six months. Mix in preseason and hopefully a long postseason and you're looking at an eight or nine month season. Veteran teams always seem to hit a lull somewhere between Christmas and Easter. It's impossible to bring playoff efforts when your key players are in their 30's ... it's just not possible (and the ones that did, like the Pat Riley Heat teams in the late 90's collapsed in a heap by playoff time). Just ride out this rough patch, usually teams find their second wind around March Madness.


The Big Three deserves one last shot at a title. You're telling me that Kevin Garnett(notes), Paul Pierce(notes) and Ray Allen(notes) only get two shots together to win a title? That's it? Maybe the Celtics fans should cut Allen a little slack after all he was one-third of a group that literally dragged the franchise from the depths of hell. Need I remind you that in 2007 The Garden was taken over by Lakers fans doing MVP chants for Kobe Bryant(notes)? The Big Three saved professional hoops in Boston and they deserve the finish out their third season together with one last shot at a title. You never know how the seeds play out. Maybe the Cavs break down from playing at such a high level, maybe the Magic fold under the playoff pressure because Vince Carter(notes) realizes he's Vince Carter and tanks ... again and maybe Atlanta is still a year away from turning into a legitimate contender. Yeah it's a rough stretch but the C's only have to face two of the top four teams in the east and as with Orlando last year, you never know.

What do you think: Should the C's keep calm and keep "The Big Three" in tact for one last run?

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Ball Don't Lie

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