Ball Don't Lie - NBA

"Don't laugh. Never say never, because limits to my ability to ignite as much or as little air as I choose within a 13-foot area around my body, like fears, are often an illusion."

Maybe calm down a tick, Michael Jordan. I'm pretty sure Stephen Jackson(notes) already thinks you're a pretty cool and impressive guy without you claiming to have the same superpowers as Firestar, Pyro and The Prodigy. And even if he doesn't, he'd have to fake it. You sign the checks. Total respect-getting win-win. So take 'er easy, huh?

What do you think His Airness and Cap'n Jack are talking about? Best caption wins advice on how to keep a conversation going, brought to you by the Lance Armstrong wristband people, obviously. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Scott Skiles digs the O'Jays. (Here's the reference point, for all you members of the youth movement.)

Hat-tip to @KatzM for the eagle-eye on the photo.

Winner, cb4andjc: "Here in Milwaukee, we high-five ourselves since nobody likes us."

Runner-up, Naix: Scott Skiles loses to himself in thumb wrestling.

Second runner-up, JM: Seconds before, Skiles was clutching Milwaukee point guard Earl Boykins(notes) in his hands. Here we see him holding the diamond that Boykins has become.

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Ball Don't Lie

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