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Time for some second round, Sweet Sixteen action of our completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining Bedlam Tournament. Thanks to your help, we've compiled a list of 32 things that you may or may not love about the NBA and seeded them into four regions. We'll unveil all eight Sweet Sixteen matchups over the course of today and tomorrow. Vote away.

We start the Sweet Sixteen round in the Obama Region: No. 2 seed Gregg Popovich and Fabrico Oberto's long lost beards vs. No. 3 seed Dwyane Wade's Band-Aids. In the fisrt round the Spurs' beards defeated Scola's locks, while Wade's bandages brushed off hard fouls. Another look at the nominees:

No. 2 Pop's unruly training camp beard and Oberto's 'Sunday' look: I told you Pop's October beard would be tough Bedlam out. Oberto's facial friend is just icing on the cake ... on the 'stache.

No. 3 Dwyane Wade's Band-Aids: Right before the All-Star break, Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade took a Juwan Howard elbow to the face, and the resulting gash required six stitches to cover up. Ever the fashion plate, "Wade proceeded to saunter several styles of suture cover" before the league said enough already, Pookie.

So, who/what makes it through to the next round? What do you love more? Vote today.

WINNER -- D-Wade's Band-Aids with 53% of the vote.

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Ball Don't Lie

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