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In the latest turn to the ongoing Jeremy Mayfield saga, the excommunicated driver has denied ever taking methamphetamines, has no idea how he could have failed the random drug test in May, and has said his suspension from NASCAR has completely devastated his driving career.

Mayfield's statements came in an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, according to AP reports. He has been suspended for more than a month following the failure of a random drug test at Richmond International Raceway.

"I have never taken methamphetamines in my life, and when accused of taking them I immediately volunteered to give another urine sample," Mayfield said.

NASCAR's refusal to release the name of the drug that Mayfield was charged with using, which has turned the entire case into a lesson in pharmacoogy and guessowrk. While outsiders try to guess what might have been in Mayfield's bloodstream, experts for both sides are trying to defend or tear down the validity of the test.

But in response to Mayfield's affidavit, NASCAR offered up some expert testimony of its own, so to speak, with affidavits from Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Robby Gordon. All three affidavits were roughly identical, which is standard procedure, and all three ended with the same important elements:

5. I make my livelihood by racing in NASCAR events. Racing is my life and career. However I am not willing to put my life at risk driving a racecar on a NASCAR track with drivers testing positive for drugs that diminish their capacity to drive a racecar. I support NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy and depend on NASCAR to prohibit drivers who don't abide by the policy from racing.

6. If drivers are on the track in violation of NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy, it presents serious questions as to whether or not it makes sense for me to put my life at risk.

Mayfield has not driven full-time since 2006, when he was fired from Evernham Motorsports. Mayfield slapped together a race team this season and qualified for several races. But the suspension has caused sponsors to abandon the No. 41 team, Mayfield said in his affidavit, and he and his wife have been forced to borrow money to pay for basic expenses.

"I do not understand how or why this is happening to me or my family," Mayfield said in the affidavit. "I have always anticipated that I would be able to race for another ten years, but I believe my career will be effectively over if I am forced to sit out the rest of this season. I am afraid that I will have to sell my race team, and I know of no other way to make a living except as a professional race car driver."

Without taking a side either way in this, I sure hope it gets resolved definitively, since this is beyond ugly and veering deep into the tragic.

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