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This is either going to qualify as seriously jinxing Jimmie Johnson or further proving his mastery, but here's some food for thought: in the most critical wreck of last season, the fall Talladega one that took out no less than seven Chasers (including Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards, the 48's two closest challengers), Jimmie Johnson skated away completely unscathed.

Take a look at that wreck up there; he avoided a skittering Kenseth and a spinning Junior. Impressive on its own. Now, consider the fact that Harvick, there just beneath Johnson, got involved in a second wreck immediately after this photo was taken that Johnson also managed to dodge. Here, check the video:

None of this is meant to hope for, wish for or pray for a wreck for Johnson. But he's shown an uncanny ability to avoid trouble. We're just a few hours from learning whether his three-year lucky streak will continue.

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