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Interesting piece from David Caraviello of Monday on how Jimmie Johnson doesn't have a nickname:

There’s a Rowdy and a Happy, an Ironman and an Iceman, a Smoke and a Smokey. There’s a Junebug and a Jaws, a Mayor and a Herman, a Franchise and a Four-Time and a Sliced Bread. There’s a Front Row Joe and a Million Dollar Bill, a Gentleman Ned and a Handsome Harry, a Mr. Excitement and a Cousin Carl. There’s a Cotton and a Buckshot, a Rocketman and a Fireball. There’s a Big Bud and a Little Bud, a Tiny and a Red, and of course an Intimidator and a Silver Fox and a King.

And then there’s Jimmie. Plain ol’ Jimmie.

See, I'd disagree. Around here, we've thrown out a few nicknames that are ever-so-slowly starting to make their way into the NASCAR mainstream -- "Senator" Jeff Burton and "Rawhide" Clint Bowyer, for two. And the commenters at the Marbles have a way of creating their own little unique monikers for their drivers. And Jimmie isn't exempt. Matter of fact, I discussed this very issue with Jimmie almost two years ago. Here's what he had to say:

Around here, we try to give drivers new nicknames. What's the best nickname you've ever had?

Jimmie: I've been very fortunate to dodge a nickname throughout my entire career. I've never had one.

Anybody ever called you Johnny?

Jimmie: No, I've not heard that one.

Caraviello suggests "The Foreman." Now, no disrespect to Mr. Caraviello intended, but that's just a flat-out awful nickname. Here, offhand, are a few that we've come up with here in recent months and on Twitter:

• Jimbot (effective, but he ain't gonna like it)
• Johnny Jimson (funny, but nobody's gonna get it)
• The Hammer (Hank Aaron would say you can't touch this)
• Horseshoe (best of the lot)

So here it is. I'm going to start calling him Horseshoe until somebody comes up with something better. Have at it in the comments, folks. 

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