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Every driver gets in crashes. Many drivers cause crashes. Some even have crashes woven into their very names (Sam Hornish Jr., a.k.a. "Dances With Walls"). But who, among all of NASCAR's crash-happy crew, took the checkered flag in the "Most Wrecks" competition? Here's a tip: he's the only one pointed the wrong way in the collection above.

Yes, Marcos Ambrose is the wreckin' king of NASCAR, according to research done by the fine folks at FanHouse. Ol' Kangaroo Meat had 19 spins or wrecks, including seven in the season's final eight races, to win the title by two over, yep, ol' Dances With Walls. In third place was Elliott Sadler with 15.

FanHouse compiled stats on drivers involved with a spin or a wreck that caused a caution. Stalls or engine failures do not count toward the total.

The highest Chase driver in FanHouse's rankings was Kyle Busch, who tied Joey Logano with 14, and the fact that Kyle is ranked so high has an awful lot to do with why he wasn't in the mix for the championship. 

Oh, and guess who was involved in the least amount of crashes? Both Matt Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt Jr. had only four each. That's not surprising for Flatline, but for Junior, it removes yet another excuse for why he didn't run well;

For the whole breakdown, including analysis of various drivers, check out the full article here. Good offseason reading. Just don't drive while you do; no need to add to your own total.

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