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I'll admit it. I watch "The Hills," so I know all about Spencer Pratt. (And no, I don't have a good reason for watching it.) He's an egomanical, fame-seeking, mean, entitled jerk. I, along with most of America, cannot stand him. Now, he has moved beyond the cozy confines of "reality" television into MMA. According to the show, he has a purple belt in jiu-jitsu, and now, here he is as a back-up dancer in Kevin Casey's "Warning to Competitors" video. He is also called working on a reality show that will follow Casey's path in MMA

First off, Casey has all of three professional fights under his belt, but this post is to make fun of Pratt, not Casey. Secondly, Spencer, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM MMA. You're a poseur, a phony, a fraud, and you will bring that to a sport that many people have worked to bring credibility to for years. For the most part, people with brains will realize that you are an idiot, and not truly a fighter. But for that small percentage of brainless people who don't understand the difference, let's just stay safe and keep Spencer away from the sport.

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