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If we seem a little light on fantasy content today, that's because we've spent our entire Friday proposing trades, rejecting them, counter-offering, and harassing various owners via all acceptable forms of communication.

Including the blog itself:

Jeff Erickson, if you're out there, c'mon. You're a fantasy professional, I'm a fantasy professional...let's deal. It's time to welcome Salomon Torres into the loving fellowship of your roster. He belongs. He's always belonged. It just feels so right.


So yeah, we've been trade-obsessed. After many hours of negotiation, and thousands of words typed in an effort to justify many proposals, we've succeeded in completing exactly one deal:

Garrett Atkins for Carl Crawford.

That's it.

We'll spare you a full breakdown of the deal because, as we've mentioned before, if anybody ever publishes a "Worst American Sports Writing" series, it will basically be a few dozen columns written in the first person about fantasy leagues.

But we will offer one thought on trades in general, knowing that many of you will spend the long weekend reconnecting with your families slouched over keyboards, alone, attempting to fix your failing teams:

Trades are about addressing needs, and not much else.

Emailers frequently ask if we think some deal they've just made is good or bad. Virtually all of those questions are unanswerable, though, because they don't tell us anything else about their teams and category ranks.

It's not especially important to "win" a trade in terms of the overall value of the players involved. Deal from whatever surplus you have to address whatever weakness you have. You're ultimately trying to win your league in September, which may require you to get the short end, value-wise, of a deal in May. 

Which is not to say, Jeff, that Salomon Torres is anyone's short end. Because he's not. No sir. And if you think he is, feel free to counter...

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