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Dirty Tackle

Neymar is now the Brazilian Justin Bieber

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As previously noted, Michel Telo's "Ai, Se Eu Te Pego" and the dance that goes with the song is a favorite among footballers (and many others) around the world. The first footballer on the bandwagon, however, was Neymar, who appeared in the original music video.And now, Neymar has once again joined Telo in a performance of the song, this time singing along in front of a live, screaming audience. Because his ego needed even more of a boost.

After first appearing 1:15 into the video above, Neymar proves why he plays football with his off-key singing. But he does look the part of a teenage popstar, which is really all that matters in such a career.

If does decide to pursue music, whatever record company he signs for will probably have concerns about his reluctance to tour Europe, though.

Video via @lfcrusayne

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