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Irish Pizza Huts giving away freebies for goals against France

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Pizza Huts in Ireland have a World Cup deal going where they give away up to 350 free pizzas for every goal scored against France in the tournament, so Mexico's 2-0 win against the French will put some free pizza in the bellies of a number of happy Irishmen. The deal is obviously a play on the country's playfully festering bitterness over their exclusion from the World Cup at the hands of the French. explains:

Pizza Hut has laid it all out for their Irish customers on their Facebook page:

"Remember that ‘Hand Ball’ incident? Well, Pizza Hut will be giving away FREE pizzas for every goal scored against France!"

The reader is then asked to click on the "Free Pizza" tab when France concedes a goal.

The "Free Pizza" tab contains a large Pizza Hut scoreboard that records the goals scored against France and releases a unique pin code for fans to obtain their free delivered pizza.

The Irish are apparently having some fun with the marketing ploy and asking for frog toppings and baguette crust on their free pizzas. But after that loss to Mexico, it looks like they won't have too many more chances to take advantage of the deal. Of course, seeing the French get dumped from the tournament after the group stage would be far more enjoyable than anything coming out of a Pizza Hut to many of them.

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