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Irish football coach arrested and sentenced for possession of a stolen monkey

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Dirty Tackle

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In news tenuously related to football but strongly related to purloined monkeys, a trainee football coach in Dublin has been sentenced to perform 200 hours of community service after he was found to be in possession of a stolen marmoset.

The Irish Independent reports:

Paul Murtagh (29) was ordered to carry out community service for possession of the stolen pet marmoset, which detectives found in a cage in the boot of his car.

The animal had been taken from the owner's home in a burglary earlier that day, Dublin District Court heard.

Murtagh denied stealing the little monkey, worth €1,500, but was found to be "reckless" when he drove some other people to a house to pick it up, but didn't question its origin. For his simian mishap, he was ordered to do community service instead of serving a 10-month prison service.

Sadly, the monkey won't be seen bouncing up and down on the touchlines as an assistant coach, chattering its infuriated orders like a miniature Peter Reid, as it has been safely returned to its owners in Co Kildare.


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