South African archer comes out after competing

Karen Hultzer competed for South Africa in archery. After she finished, placing 46th out of 64 athletes, she opened up about her private life. She came out as a lesbian, and joined the small but growing number of Olympic athletes who are openly gay or lesbian.

"I hope this gives people some courage. The more we come out and talk about it, the more people should realize that being gay is a non-issue and we can progress," Hultzer, 46, who has only been shooting for five years, told Reuters.

Hultzer joins a group of Olympic athletes who are breaking long-held sports norms to talk about their sexuality. American soccer player Megan Rapinoe came out earlier this summer. Australian diver Matthew Mitcham has been out since before he won gold in Beijing. American figure skater Johnny Weir, who has competed twice in the Winter Olympics, married his boyfriend on New Year's Eve.

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