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Olympic hopeful goes on date with Paris Hilton

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The United States' top middle-distance runner went on a date with Paris Hilton three weeks before Olympic trials and lived to tell the tale.

Nick Symmonds, who finished fifth in last year's world championships at 800 meters, shared the details of his one night with Paris with NBC's The Rundown. It all started with an email from the socialite requesting a date. Symmonds was going to be in Los Angeles, so he suggested going to the Beverly Hills Hotel for drinks.

"The place is famous for its privacy, and I wanted to make sure that Paris' privacy was respected."

Well, sure. Because if there's one thing Paris Hilton values, it's privacy. And nothing says privacy like going on a date and then talking to a national blogger about it.

Symmonds told The Rundown that he arrived at the hotel with a care package for Hilton that included some items featuring her favorite color. He included a pink watch, a pink bottle of bubble bath, a pink towel from the hotel and a package of SnoBalls. It was a nice gesture, but I'm not sure that's the sort of snow Paris Hilton usually goes for.

The two had a drink and bonded over their love of family and pets. When it was over, Symmonds raved about the date. He twice mentioned Hilton's intelligence, almost as if he was trying to delude himself into believing in it.

He also said these things:

• "We have been texting a bit and I really hope to stay in touch with her. I really hope she is able to make it up to the Olympic Trials on Monday."

• "Being a small-town guy, the L.A. scene and celebrity hoopla haven't been huge passions of mine. You know I'd just as soon as spend my time out on the river fishing than keeping up with the tabloids and gossip. But I've always had this huge crush on Paris and getting to know her was a dream come true. That memory ranks right up there with making my first Olympic team. It's incredible."

• "I feel privileged to have had her attention to myself for 90 minutes. On the way out, I walked her to her red Ferrari."

• "When I got home I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from her with her phone number attached."

• "I was initially surprised when she walked in because I had confused her and Nicole Richie."

OK, he didn't actually say the last one. But, shoot, as long as you're meeting Paris Hilton for drinks, you might as well go full 2004 and put on some Hoobastank, wear a "Vote or Die" t-shirt and openly wonder whether the Greeks will be able to pull off the Athens Olympics.

Symmonds says he and Hilton have been texting. He'll run the 800 at next month's trials in Oregon.

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