Pass or Fail: New NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs ad, with dueling banjos (Video)

We’re still not exactly sure about the motif for the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs “Because It’s the Cup” ad campaign, other than an emphasis on “fun.” Wacky fans are fun. Wacky players saying wacky things are fun. Crazy highlights are fun. Fun is fun!

Here’s the latest commercial in the NHL’s 2013 Playoffs campaign, titled “One Up.” Sadly, this has nothing to do with a player punching a question mark box and then eating the green mushroom that emerges from it.

Dueling banjos for a postseason that doesn’t feature the Nashville Predators? For shame …

Via the NHL:

"One Up," the latest national TV spot in the NHL’s 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs campaign, showcases the amazing skills, moments & competitiveness that players deliver each night of the Playoffs. The TV spot features a modern, remixed version of the classic "Dueling Banjos." This version was composed by Rafter Roberts and produced by Dennis Culp at Singing Serpent Studios in New York City.

"One Up" will make its national television debut during the NBC broadcast of the New Jersey Devils-New York Rangers game on Saturday at 3pm.

The campaign was developed collaboratively by the NHL, NBC Sports Group, CBC, TSN and RDS with consultation from Minnesota-based advertising agency, mono.

Selling the Playoffs as an “anything can happen” experience is a good thing. It makes them seem something more important, something more extraordinary that the regular season. It says, ‘Hey, we know you may not watch hockey on the regular, but watch it now, because here be the crazy.”

Even if, like, most of the highlights in the ad are from the regular season.

One personal point of preference in the ad: Goalies. Because goalies are the people trying to stop fun things from happening, and often don't get any love in highlights. It’s like doing a commercial for spring break in Daytona Beach, and cutting in scenes of police officers on Segways.

What did you think of the commercial?

Pass or Fail: The NHL’s “One Up” Stanley Cup Playoff ad?