Marc-Andre Fleury pets his post after it saves him from Rangers goal (GIF)

Greg Wyshynski
May 6, 2014

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Luckily for the Pittsburgh Penguins, goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was a little bit of both through two periods in Monday's Game 3 vs. the New York Rangers.

Along with his 26 saves, the Rangers hit three goal posts, including one by winger Mats Zuccarello that plunked the crossbar and then walked a tightrope down the goal line. While the on-ice officials were waiting for a video review to confirm it didn't cross the line, Fleury took a moment to show his appreciation for the pipe:

He later flipped the entire goal cage over and scratched its belly. Just kidding, he actually climbed into its netting like hammock and happily wept.

Hey, whatever works, Marc-Andre. Although, truthfully, we're rather happy you chose the cross bar rather than the post because ... well, it's a family blog.

Here's more Fleury:

s/t Steph