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Video: Keyshawn Johnson talks tax laws (seriously)

Shutdown Corner

Here's a video clip of Keyshawn Johnson(notes) on the FOX Business Channel Monday discussing tax rates, paying college athletes and what the new stadium in New York is called. Wait! Don't click away yet. It's interesting, I promise.

I post this not to get into a political debate about tax laws or to start an argument about FOX News, but to show how good Keyshawn Johnson can be on television when he doesn't have five yahoos yelling and chortling around him on an ESPN set. Watch the clip, you'll see what I mean:

He's insightful, affable and willing to show that every question doesn't have a definitive yes or no answer. Keyshawn displays those qualities on "Monday Night Countdown," but they're so often overshadowed by Cris Carter slamming his hand on a desk or Chris Berman wedging another cliche into the conversation or everyone talking over one another and causing 10 seconds of complete audio chaos.

The worldwide leader parted ways with a few longtime employees Monday, so maybe there's hope that Chris Berman, Tom Jackson and Cris Carter won't be around to render "Monday Night Countdown" unwatchable for the next few years. Put Keyshawn on a set with a calm, professional host like Rece Davis and a personable ex-coach (heck, I'd be fine if Mike Ditka stayed) and it'd be the NFL equivalent of "College GameDay," which has long been the best pregame show on television.

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