Two Buffalo Bills fans announced draft picks ... for other teams

Jay Busbee
May 10, 2014
Two Buffalo Bills fans announced draft picks ... for other teams

The woman above is Marisa Scime, and on Friday night, she received the honor of an NFL fan's lifetime when she got to announce the San Diego Chargers' second-round pick.

There's just one problem. Ms. Scime isn't actually a Chargers fan at all. She's a Bills fan, and neither she nor Jordan Schwartz, another Bills fan who came to the draft as the NFL's guest, got the chance to announce the picks of their favorite team.

What happened? Blame trades. The Bills were wheeling and dealing throughout the opening rounds, and in order to keep the process moving, the NFL sent the Bills fans out to make the announcement regardless of whoever was up. For Schwartz, that meant making a pick for the St. Louis Rams.

 After making her pick at No. 50, Scime made sure there was no doubt about her true allegiances:

Good news for Scime, though, as her beloved team has her back:

For his part, Schwartz has already demonstrated the lengths of his Bills fandom in the Bud Light contest he won:

Both Schwartz and Scime seemed to make the best of the experience. But Teddy Bridgewater could have told them — the draft doesn't always go how you'd expect.

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