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St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher shoots down switching to no-huddle offense

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St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher is like the father who allowed his children to enjoy their toys on Christmas Day for a few moments before making them try on turtleneck shirts.

The Atlanta Falcons were having their way with the Rams this past Sunday. Atlanta had a 24-3 advantage late in the third quarter, and St. Louis was desperate. That is when St. Louis switched to a no-huddle offense to attempt an improbable comeback.

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Rams quarterback Sam Bradford thrived in that offense, and St. Louis scored three touchdowns in 16 minutes. St Louis was eventually defeated, 31-24.

Fisher was asked if he would consider switching to a no-huddle offense because of his team’s offensive success and did not sound ready to make a change.

“You look at Sam’s 300-yard plus passing games over his career, they’ve won two,” Fisher told the St. Louis Dispatch. “We have the ability to do it, and there’s a time to do it and a time not to do it. If you put a long drive together and you’ve got the defense tired, and you go back on the field and you want to continue to fatigue the defense, do it.”

St. Louis-Dispatch reporter Jim Thomas points out that Bradford is 2-5 in 300-yard passing games in the NFL. It is also worth mentioning Bradford is 16-27-1 since 2010, so being a game-manger has not produced much success for St. Louis.

Fisher said the main problem with the no-huddle offense is it puts opponents back on the field quickly if your team fails to earn a first-down. He pointed out the problems his defense could have if Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was back on the field right away after a 3-and-out.

His thinking is the same reason why Carolina coach Ron Rivera recently expressed his skepticism with fast-paced offenses.

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Even though Bradford ran a no-huddle offense in college, he was lukewarm about revamping St. Louis’ system while speaking with Thomas.

“That’s tough to say,” Bradford told Thomas. “We put a lot of pressure on (Atlanta) and wore them down. But at the same time, to play that way for an entire game, those guys up front, that’s pretty tough on them to do that. But you never know. Next week, maybe it’s something we’ll go to a little sooner if we’re struggling early.”

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