Man wins $50,000 on Tom Brady’s safety

Maggie Hendricks
February 6, 2012

A safety is a rare play in any game, but for it to happen in the Super Bowl as the first score of the game? No one would expect that to happen. No one would lay a bet on something so unlikely, right?

Wrong. Jona Rechnitz bet $1,000 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that the first score of the game would be a Giants safety. With 50-to-1 odds on such an unlikely score, Rechnitz is walking away from Las Vegas with a $50,000 pay day.

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The safety came when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was flagged for intentional grounding from his own end zone, giving the New York Giants two points. Brady's lapse in judgment started the game off on the wrong foot for New England, and gave Rechnitz a cool $50K. Do you think he'll send Brady a thank you note?

Here's the Tom Brady gaffe that put the cash in Mr. Rechnitz's pocket:

Thanks, the Big Lead.

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