The Cleveland Browns from 1999 to present, summed up in one incredibly sad jersey

Frank Schwab

Someday, the Cleveland Browns will be good. It'll be nice for the NFL when it happens. That's a loyal fan base and there's a ton of history with the franchise.

At least there was a ton of history in the franchise before it moved to Baltimore. Somehow, when the Browns were reintroduced into the league in 1999, Jim Brown and Marion Motley became William Green and Montario Hardesty. Nothing has gone right.

Just look at the names listed on that depressing jersey above (from brokawinc on Instagram). It's a league dominated by quarterbacks and the Browns haven't had a good one yet. When people are reminiscing about the days of Kelly Holcomb, it's bad. The 49ers went from Joe Montana to Steve Young. Packers went from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. The Colts went from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. And the Browns went from Charlie Frye to Derek Anderson.

The Browns can't catch a break. This week, they're trotting out Brian Hoyer at quarterback to replace injured Brandon Weeden. Hoyer was out of football for three months last year and the Cardinals decided to keep Ryan Lindley and his career 46.7 rating over him this May.

Something tells us that Hoyer's name won't be the last added to that jersey.

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