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Officials call a phantom safety in Ohio-Buffalo game (Video)

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

Ohio struggled against Buffalo on Tuesday night and some questionable calls by officials, including a phantom safety, didn’t help.

In the third quarter, Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton was forced back toward his own end zone because of pressure from the Buffalo defensive line. Even though he was still in the pocket, Tettleton released the ball toward the sideline around the 4-yard-line before being planted in the end zone.

Officials determined it was intentional grounding and the play was called a safety.

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Don’t bother re-reading the sequence of events to make sure you understood it all because you’ll come to the inevitable conclusion that the officials botched the call. Sadly, the call was not reviewable and the Bobcats surrendered two points. Those two points actually turned into nine after a short punt on the kickoff gave Buffalo great field position and the Bulls punched in a quick touchdown.

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Ohio quickly went from having the game within reach at 7-3 to facing a 16-3 deficit in a contest where they had struggled on offense.
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