Nick Saban isn’t going back to the NFL, so stop asking

Graham Watson
January 9, 2013

Nick Saban isn’t going back to the NFL.

That’s it; end of story.

On Tuesday, during his final press conference in south Florida, Saban tried to quash any and all rumors that he was leaving Alabama to try his hand at the NFL – again. Saban was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins prior to coming to Alabama and didn’t exactly leave the league on good terms.

Still, after winning three national championships in the past four years, the NFL would like Saban to try again, but Saban maintains that he’s a college coach and that’s where he belongs.

"How many times do you think I've been asked to put it to rest? And I've put it to rest, and you continue to ask it. So I'm going to say it today, that you know, I think somewhere along the line you've got to choose," Saban said.

"You learn a lot from the experiences of what you've done in the past."

Saban went on to lament about the rules in the NFL, the difference between drafting and recruiting and dealing with salary cap. He said the college game is a lot easier to manage, you can mold the team into exactly what you want it to be by recruiting the players that fit your system and above all, Saban said, you can have a personal impact on the lives of the players.

"I didn't feel like I could impact the team the same way that I can as a college coach in terms of affecting people's lives personally, helping them develop careers by graduating from school, off the field, by helping develop them as football players, and there's a lot of self gratification in all that, all right," said Saban.

"I kind of learned through that [Miami Dolphins] experience that maybe this [college coaching] is where I belong, and I'm really happy and at peace with all that. So no matter how many times I say that, y'all don't believe it, so I don't even know why I keep talking about it."

No one is happier that Saban is staying than Alabama fans, who are anticipating a run for a third consecutive championship in 2013.

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