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June Jones is disappointingly reasonable about Gary Patterson’s anti-SMU outburst

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SMU's June Jones will not be baited into a war of words with TCU coach Gary Patterson. If anything, Jones is taking the path of least resistance after Patterson voiced his displeasure with Jones and SMU following Saturday's 40-33 overtime loss.

During his press conference Tuesday, Patterson took issue with SMU players taunting the TCU sidelines after the game and Jones saying that TCU never changes what it does.

"June Jones said we never change," Patterson said. "I think June Jones is 1-8 against TCU since he was at Hawaii (and SMU). I don't think he's changed that much either."

Jones said his comment was harmless and taken out of context.

"I'm kind of disappointed," Jones said. "I thought I gave them a compliment. Obviously it got misconstrued to him, but that stuff happens.

"I know a loss sometimes makes you say things you wish you hadn't said...I wanted to tell him we try to copy what he does. They don't change. They do what they do, and that's what good teams do."
So much for that fiery Metroplex rivalry we were all hoping to develop.

Patterson commented on how TCU helped SMU build its program and said he wasn't going to help the mustangs anymore. But Jones said Patterson's comments might have been enough to continue interest in the series.

"I know he [Patterson] said he wasn't going to help us anymore, but he probably guaranteed a sellout next year," Jones said of next year's game.

At the very least, SMU is getting its money's worth from the first win against its crosstown rival sine 2005. Not only are the Mustangs selling tickets for their final four home games for $40.33, to commemorate the 40-33 win, they're also offering students a chance to take photos with the Iron Skillet Trophy — the award for winning the rivalry game — on Thursday.

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