Arkansas has its own Razorback car called the 'Razorbug' (Photo)

Sam Cooper
April 21, 2014
Arkansas has its own Razorback car called the 'Razorbug' (Photo)

In October we were treated to this outrageous Alabama elephant car, but it looks like Alabama isn’t the only SEC school with mascot-themed vehicles.

Enter the “Razorbug.”

Apparently at Arkansas, the school uses the Razorbug for appearances at various events around the campus and state.

Seriously – the Razorbug even has its own page on the Arkansas admissions website.

“The Razorbug is a specially designed U of A Ambassador to promote higher education and the goodwill of Razorback fans nationwide. The Razorbug makes appearances at numerous events throughout the year, including Razorback football games, high school visits, alumni events, and various community festivals. Keep your eyes open for this new addition to the University of Arkansas staff.”

The Razorbug’s mission is to “attract qualified students to the University of Arkansas.”

I don’t know how many students the car will attract to Fayetteville, but it is certainly the only university-affiliated car with its own commercial.

(H/T SB Nation)

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