Video: A Staples Center net's paean to Blake Griffin

Kelly Dwyer

Your humble narrator clearly has the music tastes of someone who was born 197 years ago (the highlight of my weekend was finding a used LP of this album for five bucks), and while Autotune gives me acne and drum machines make me want to throw things, even I can admit that this was nicely done.

It's a tribute to All-Star Clippers forward Blake Griffin(notes), not in the stylized way that I poorly attempted last fall, but sung from the point of view of a Staples Center net.

Via The Basketball Jones, here it is:

Nicely done, Kathy Anderson.

And all in one take, it appears. Kudos. And you should be safe for a while, Staples Center nets. Because Blake and the Clippers won't play in Los Angeles again until Feb. 25. And that's a fake "road" game against the Lakers.

Seriously, this is very well done. She even mentions "Aaron Afflalo" without losing a step, and that's just the aural portion.