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Programming note — BDL in NYC for the WBF

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While Kelly's off enjoying being married, Ol' Yertdawgs will be in New York City covering the World Basketball Festival. That means things are going to be a little different until the end of the week. Because of the timing of the events in NYC, I'll have little posts here and there with all the different basketball things I can figure out. Interviews, videos, pictures — whatever turns up. That doesn't make any sense now, but when you're reading about me splitting a Cuban sandwich with JaVale McGee(notes) at 2 a.m., maybe it will. Of course I don't really think that'll happen because everyone knows JaVale McGee hates ham.

But seriously, there will still be posts — both from me and Devine — but they won't be on the same schedule you know and love. Friday is still unsure, since I'll be traveling. Odds are Kelly will be back, Devine will be around and my way-too-long legs will hate being in a car. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Metaphorically.

So just a heads-up, starting today things will be a little different. Change is good, people.

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