Steve Cofield

WEC/UFC fighters give their Strikeforce picks, Todd Harris refuses

Steve Cofield

What a great fight weekend. Strikeforce and WEC on back-to-back nights with excellent fights is a helluva treat for fight fans. The majority could care less about rival promotions and networks, they just want to see good fights. Apparently WEC announcer Todd Harris checks his fight fan card at the door where he collects his paycheck. In an odd moment during the WEC 41 Q & A in Sacramento, Harris decided to lecture the crowd on how lousy the production value is on non-Zuffa events when simply asked for a pick in the fight between Robbie Lawler and Jake Shields:

"I watched in the hotel last night they had some Showtime EliteXC and I thought it was a clown show," Harris commenting on the replay of a dramatic fight between Nick Diaz and K.J. Noons. "The production, the way they put it on, the fighters ... it wasn't good. The best shows are put on by the fans are put on by the Zuffa folks."

This is silly. In denegrating what Harris considers competition, he just ripped the fight fans who simply wanted pick in a fight between two of top fighters in their weight divisions. Come on Todd, just make a pick. Brian Bowles chose Lawler while Florian and Torres chose Shields. Here's hoping the three fighters are fired by tomorrow morning and Harris gets a big bonus check.

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