Josh Thomson: 'Light weight fighters are the best'

Elias Cepeda
July 23, 2014
Josh Thomson: 'Light weight fighters are the best'

UFC lightweight contender Josh Thomson returns to the Octagon this Sunday for the first time since a controversial decision loss in January to former champ Benson Henderson. Thomson lost a chance at a title shot with that loss and also had to sit on the bench while recovering from an injured hand.

On Sunday, on the UFC on FOX card, the Bay-area resident will get to fight at home in San Jose against Bobby Greene. "The Punk" is happy to get back into action in what he feels is one of the best divisions in the sport of MMA.

In fact, Thomson doesn't even seem to think that any fighters above 155 pounds are really true MMA fighters, according to a recent interview with Damon Martin.

"You start getting in the 185's, 205, heavyweight, they start being one-dimensional, two-dimensional fighters. They're not mixed martial artists. They're not as good as the 155-pounders and below," Thomson said.

"They're just not. To me, that's just a fact."

According to the veteran, the lighter weight fighters in the sport are the only truly well-rounded ones. As a result, every opponent is a baffling puzzle to try and solve.

"With 55-pounders and below, good luck, man. Everybody's good all around," he said.

"They're good wrestlers, they're good jiu-jitsu guys, they're good standup guys, they're game to throw down and they're always in shape. One hundred and seventy is kind of like the limbo - like there's some well-rounded guys in there. GSP was the champion so long because he was the most well-rounded and usually in the best shape. But that's kind of like the whole new guy - that's why Rory MacDonald does well. He's in shape, he's got pretty good jiu-jitsu, he's hard to take down but he's got good standup. He's well-rounded with good shape. Those are the guys that are hard to beat."

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