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You get one question to ask Tiger Woods. What will it be?

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On Monday at 2 p.m. Eastern, Tiger Woods will face the assembled media for the first time since Thanksgiving. It'll be a well-orchestrated affair; Yahoo! Sports will be in attendance, of course, and we'll also be running a live chat right here for those of you who need a Tiger fix at work.

The most recent Tiger press conference I attended was one of his last ones — the Tour Championship in Atlanta last September — and you can see the details of that tightly choreographed dance right here. I expect that Monday's conference will be even more controlled. You've got to figure that everybody's getting one question, and one question only.

John Feinstein has already said that the dumbest question possible would be "How has this changed you, Tiger?" So this, then, is your challenge. If you had one question to ask Tiger, what would it be?

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