Martin Kaymer says it's 'not easy' playing with Keegan Bradley

Shane Bacon
June 13, 2014
Keegan Bradley, Martin Kaymer
Keegan Bradley and Martin Kaymer at Pinehurst — Getty Images

There is nothing conventional about the way Keegan Bradley goes about his golf. Bradley, a 28-year-old with a major championship already under his belt, shifts, dances, shuffles and moves his way around the golf course, taking his time between shots before finally pulling the trigger.

Plenty of professionals have had quirks on the golf course, but not many have done the type of stuff that Bradley consistently does in between the ropes.

Is it a bad thing? No, not necessarily. For some reason, the dancing seems to work for Keegan, and at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters for a professional golfer, but you sometimes wonder what his playing partners must be thinking when they see the Keegan Shuffle.

Martin Kaymer, the man of the hour at Pinehurst after matching 65s has him well ahead of the field, was asked about being paired with Keegan and his pre-shot routine after his Friday round, and was brutally honest about it.

"Different," Kaymer said with a laugh. "Not a nice question, I can only lose here. I mean, it's not easy to play with Keegan; I must admit that. Because sometimes he takes a little bit more time and sometimes he takes a little bit less time, so it's quite difficult to adjust. But we know that. I played with Keegan the last few years many times, so we know that his pre-shot routine can change. Yes."

Most players might just step aside when this question was asked, but Kaymer said what probably a lot of pros are thinking when they see Bradley is in their group, and went with it.

The good news for both of these players is it doesn't look like they will be paired on Saturday, as Kaymer sits at 10-under and Bradley at 2-under, but there is definitely a chance we could and will see this pairing very soon, and it'll be interesting to see how both react after those comments were made.

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