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Jay Busbee

Lee Westwood gets blood-clot scare; Poulter gets bitten

Jay Busbee
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Scary moment for Lee Westwood, as he had to head to a hospital in France early Wednesday over fears that he could have been suffering from a blood clot. As it turns out, all is well.

Westwood, the world's ugliest perpetual bridesmaid, was suffering from a swollen calf muscle and was forced to pull out of the pro-am scheduled for the day before this weekend's French Open. Obviously, a blood clot could be potentially devastating; NASCAR driver Brian Vickers has been sidelined for the rest of the year by them. But it appears that Westwood was simply suffering from the heat now blanketing France, and he could well be able to play in the tournament after all.

But hey, "potential blood clot" is certainly a valid reason for skipping the pro-am. Ian Poulter bailed out on the pro-am because of a freakin' insect bite. Here's his explanation:

I was practising at Woburn on Monday and got bitten by a horsefly or something. It was swollen yesterday and when I put my hand in my pocket I felt a big lump on my groin and knew it wasn't right. I went to the doctors, was given antibiotics and decided I was well enough to fly this morning, but that's probably not done it any good.

Ow. Ow. Ow. You never want "bite" and "lump" and "groin" that close to each other in a paragraph. But hey, it'll give Poulter more time to shop for some fancy new pants.

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