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Really? You'd trade Bill Hall? Seriously?

Andy Behrens
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This sort of thing cracks me up:

Mar 9,4:37 pm

Trading block: The Love Knives available players set to "Carlos Delgado, Bill Hall, Yovani Gallardo, Jeff Francis, Mark Buehrle"

That's near the top of the "Recent Transactions" section in one of my leagues.

With all due respect to the Knives, if you draft Carlos Delgado, his presence on your Trading Block is just implied. You don't need to actually place him there, formally. Hy-Vee probably has Mueslix on sale from time to time, but that's never on page one of the Weekly Specials. Because page one is for pork loin.

Yes, it's exciting to finally have players to call your own. Yes, some of them aren't as good as you'd like them to be. And yes, the Trading Block is a nifty tool. But don't just fill it with scraps.

If you're not willing to deal any interesting names, then use the "Positions Available" or "Stats Available" option. Allow for the suspension of disbelief. Make me think we're having a Vladimir Guerrero discussion before you counter with Bill Hall.

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