Last-second fantasy baseball draft tips & tricks with Andy Behrens

Much of the United States is still shivering, but we're only days away from the start of baseball season. That means it's time RIGHT NOW to get your fantasy baseball drafts in order. Head on over to Yahoo Sports' Fantasy Baseball home page, but BEFORE YOU DO ... listen to this podcast.

[Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball: Sign up and join a league today!]

Why? Because we've got fantasy maestro Andy Behrens slingin' hot fantasy knowledge every way, that's why! We begin with a primer on how to approach fantasy baseball drafts and auctions (3:38 mark), including stats to seek on pitchers. We continue with how to spot the best hitters for your team (9:53 mark). Andy tells us all the fancy new aspects of the Yahoo Sports fantasy baseball experience, and you'll want to hear this part (23:48 mark). Finally, Andy discusses how fantasy baseball can survive and thrive in an era of fantasy football and one-day fantasy games (37:28 mark).

Ready? Then go sign up!

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