FFL Sunday: Helping you dig out of the hole at 9 AM ET, 6 AM PT

Brad Evans
September 7, 2013

For those whose backsides are still a wee bit tender after Peyton Manning's statistical spanking, try to stay positive. Another full day of football action is upon us. Hey, anything is possible.

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On this week's overly optimistic 'Fantasy Football Live' pregame extravaganza, Brad Evans and Brandon Funston will reveal their sleepers, busts and shocker specials for EVERY game. Additionally, the fellas will detail their biggest takeaways from Thursday's Mile High massacre, play a game of over/under, ham it up with Melanie Collins and Kay Adams and, of course, answer your pressing questions.

Here's how you can join the circus:

Phone: 800.777.2907

Twitter: @YSRFFL

Set your alarm. Crack a few HUEVOS. And get your day started off right. FFL is about to take the air: