Photo and video roundup of Dawson-Hopkins debacle

Steve Cofield
Boxing Experts BlogOctober 16, 2011

There's nothing worse than hearing casual boxing fans say "that's boxing for you." That's exactly what comes from the bizarre ending to last night's Bernard Hopkins-Chad Dawson pay-per-view fight.

After tying up, Hopkins was shoved to the ground by Dawson. the 46-year-old hit the canvas hard and complained that his left shoulder had popped (2:50 mark). When the WBC light heavyweight champ explained that his shoulder would keep him from continuing, referee Pat Russell stopped the fight and ruled it a TKO victory for Dawson.

Even though Dawson won, he was livid that Hopkins bailed from the fight in his estimation. The Hopkins couldn't understand why the fight wasn't ruled a no contest. That was impossible because Russell didn't tab Dawson's actions a foul.