Floyd Mayweather says he'll give up his belts: 'I'm not trying to be greedy'

LAS VEGAS – In a post-fight news conference that included talk of a Manny Pacquiao shoulder injury, cheering for Floyd Mayweather from some in the press pit and plenty of discussion about Mayweather’s future, perhaps the most surprising aspect was a question regarding Mayweather’s numerous championship belts.

By defeating Pacquiao by unanimous decision Saturday night in typical Mayweather fashion, the pound-for-pound king added a fifth title to his current collection.

So a reporter asked Mayweather if he was planning to give up his belts Monday, as he had apparently previously told some members of the media.

Mayweather responded by saying that probably wouldn’t happen Monday – after all, this is the man who implored the media at the press conference to allow him to “enjoy my victory” – but he did say he would be giving up all his belts in the next few weeks to give other fighters a chance to win.

"I'm not trying to be greedy,” Mayweather said.

What belts would Mayweather be relinquishing?

Well, definitely the WBO welterweight title Manny Pacquiao held, according to the organization’s president, Paco Valcárcel.

Although Mayweather said he is giving up all the titles, he specifically said he is not giving back the custom emerald WBC belt that was made specifically for Saturday’s megafight winner because, well, it’s worth $1 million.

So what other titles does Mayweather have? The WBA welterweight title, the WBA super welterweight title and the WBC super welterweight title round out the list. But remember: Mayweather does what he wants, so if he happens to keep his titles, well ...

But by giving up those five titles, not only is Mayweather giving other fighters a chance, he will be saving some six figures on sanctioning fees for the final fight of his Showtime contract in September, a bout that Mayweather says will be his last.

Ya know, unless he changes his mind.