Where could Texas’ Bijan Robinson land? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports writers Matt Harmon and Charles McDonald explore possible fantasy destinations for the highly-rated running back in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript


CHARLES MCDONALD: I think if I was looking for a team that would be a great fit for Bijan, I would love to see him on the Eagles. And I feel like that's probably true of just about any running back. Because you have just a straight up dominant run-blocking offensive line. With Jalen Hurts, it's going to be a productive situation for any back. But I just think when you look at his ability-- or not his ability, but that team's ability to get running backs with one-on-one looks at the second level--

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CHARLES MCDONALD: --it's just like a dream matchup for him because he's going to give most linebackers nightmares when he gets to the second level. And then you have Jalen Hurts kind of pulling some pressure off him. Because if you commit all the way to Bijan Robinson, now you got Jalen Hurts running free in the open field. And it'd be a really tough matchup for most defenses.

And it's the same reason why I'm excited about Rashaad Penny this year, granted he can stay healthy, is the same reason why I would love to see someone like Bijan Robinson in that role. Because it's just perfect.

MATT HARMON: I agree the Eagles fit would be awesome, but it doesn't-- and they have the 10th overall pick, so there is that. But it doesn't feel like a very Eagles move. And I don't think that he's going to fall to the bottom of the first round. I mean, I guess there's a chance. But because he's on everybody-- like Daniel Jeremiah and all these big-time draft folks. He's like the fifth overall player or even higher on these big boards.


I just feel like there's going to be some team in the middle of the first round that gets an itchy finger and ends up drafting him. I keep coming back to a team like Washington at 16th overall that doesn't need a running back, but just-- again, they're going to get that itchy finger, and they're going to pull it on Bijan. So if you could see-- give me one realistic, but oh, man, that is an awesome landing spot for Bijan Robinson.

CHARLES MCDONALD: I think if I had to go with a landing spot that makes sense that might really work for him, Chargers, depending on what happens with Austin Ekeler and his situation there. But like they've quietly really started to rebuild that offensive line, depending on what happens-- how Rashawn Slater looks coming back from injury. But they're pretty much settled with Rashawn Slater and Zion Johnson. And they have some good help on the other interior spots too. I know they need kind of a right tackle to even that thing out.

But you look at Justin Herbert and what he's able to do, Kellen Moore, who already knows how to get explosive guys the balls in their hand, especially running backs, I think that that would be a fun fit for him as far as fits that are realistic and good. I think a fit that's realistic and not too good for him would be like Tampa Bay, where all you have is-- you still got Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and Tristan Wirfs, but that's kind of about it.

I think that that top-20 area is where he gets picked. But when you start going through the teams who have these picks, it's kind of hard to find the landing spot for him, which is why, when I've done these mock drafts for Yahoo, I usually have him falling to like 30.