Weekend Whipper: Greasing Off a Classic Indian Creek Layback

This article originally appeared on Climbing

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This week's whipper comes to you from Indian Creek's Critic's Choice Wall. Second Choice (5.11) is a striking off-fingers and thin-hands layback crack with its steepest moves near the top.

"The final crux has a couple options," the filmer, Dean Raynes, told Climbing. "You can ... layback or stem your way out." According to Raynes, Second Choice has a series of key holds out left that can be securely manteled, but the climber, Will, missed out on his send go.

Keen viewers will notice a chunk of the crack crumble in Will's fall but his highest cam, a No. 0.4, held on by two lobes.

Happy Friday, and be safe out there this weekend.

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