This week’s Best Thing in Baseball - Bo and Josh Naylor

Yahoo Sports national MLB insider Russell Dorsey highlights the moment when Bo and Josh Naylor both homer in the same inning on National Siblings Day as his best thing he saw in baseball this week.

Video Transcript

RUSSELL DORSEY: What's going on, guys? Russ Dorsey, national MLB insider for Yahoo Sports, here with you. And it's time for the best thing I saw this week.

For the best thing I saw this week, we head to Cleveland, Ohio. No, not for the solar eclipse, but finding the Naylor brothers doing something amazing at the plate. Josh and Bo Naylor homering in the same inning in the same game on International Siblings Day.

Now, it started in the fourth inning of their 7 to 6 win against the Chicago White Sox, with Josh starting things off with a solo shot. And then later in the inning, Bo Naylor hitting a 2-run shot of his own.

Now, my brother and I have done a lot of really cool things in our lives together. But hitting home runs in the same inning in the show, not to mention it's on International Siblings Day, is pretty sick.

And it's the reason that the Naylor brothers are the best thing I saw this week.