Week 9 Player Props

Minty Bets and Matt Harmon offer up their favorite player props for Week 9.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Yeah let's jump into some of these player props. You've got an interesting collection of guys to talk about this week. Minty, why don't you kick it off with your first one here?

- Yeah, first a guy I'm going to talk about is Alvin Kamara. His rushing yards is set at 75 and 1/2, and I'm going over here. Kamara has a huge workload ahead of him. And although Trevor Siemian had a great game when Jameis fell injured, I'm kind of expecting a letdown spot here. Maybe similar to, like, a Matt White kind of situation. But anyway-- Alvin Kamara will get things rolling against Atlanta, who is allowing the seventh most rushing yards per game. So I like the over here.

- Yeah I love the idea of just, like, listen, let's keep team Trev, Trevor Siemian. Let's keep the workload light for this guy-- put the ball in Alvin Kamara his hands as much as possible against a bad Falcons defense. Absolutely love that call.

I'm going to go with Dan Arnold here. We talked about him a little bit earlier in the show with Austin Ekeler, at least Liz did. I really like this guy this week. Give me the over at 38 and 1/2 receiving yards. Buffalo's defense is tough. They might be like the one defense that, you know, in garbage time you actually don't want to chase players against them because they're that good. But the opportunity for Dan Arnold has also been that good. He ranked second since week five with 20 targets on the Jacksonville Jaguars. By the way, the guy who ranked first is Jamal Agnew. We might actually have to talk about that guy soon. He might be a legit player for them.

So give me the over here. Dan Arnold's been getting great opportunities, and making plays for Trevor Lawrence. And they, kind of, signaled to us that they like this guy by obviously trading a former top 10 pick for him and a third rounder. So give me the over on a very light line here.

- Oh, very bold pick, but I don't hate it. You are the prop king, Harmon. And my next prop is going to be on Travis Kelce. His receptions set at 6 and 1/2 and I'm going to go under. Green Bay's defense is being a little underestimated here. They're allowing a sixth fewest passing yards per game, allowing less than seven passing yards per completion. And Patrick Mahomes' safety blanket is Travis Kelce. I think Green Bay is going to deny him to hit this over here. I think it's that pretty high. So I'm going under.

- What a segment here. We got optimism on Dan Arnold, and pessimism on Travis Kelce. That is balancing things out in the universe here.

I know there's been some optimism on Marquise Brown so far in this show. Let me hammer this one home. 58 and 1/2 is the line for Marquise Brown? Bet MGM, bro, come back to us. What are we doing here? He is easily going to clear this total.

I think there's, probably, just some on paper stuff with the Vikings defensive numbers. But you've got to take a look at that Vikings defense right now. Number one. Patrick Peterson on IR, that matters a lot. Danielle Hunter also out for the long term, and that might matter even more. This is a banged up defense. And oh, by the way, we got Harrison Smith hitting the COVID list this morning. That secondary is all kinds of problematic right now. Marquise Brown averaging the most air yards in the NFL, at this time, per game. Yeah. Give me the over, easily, on Marquise Brown. Lamar Jackson's number one receiver, give me a break here.

- Love it. Love that pick. I'm expecting a big game for the Ravens here this week.