Week 4 Player Props

Andy Behrens, Matt Harmon and Tank Williams offer up their favorite player props for week 4.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: It's time to Bring the Props. We each highlight a favorite prop bet and decide if we agree or disagree. Tank, what do you got for us?

TANK WILLIAMS: Well, I really believe in this prop and I'm also going to suck up to the host of this podcast, so maybe I can hop on with he and Austin. So I'm going Austin Ekeler, over 101 combined rushing receiving yards for -115. He's going against that Houston defense that gives us the most rushing yards in the league. I feel like this is a must win game for the Chargers, honestly.

I mean, the team has been banged up. Herbert is still dealing with those ribs. They've had offensive linemen go out. They have Joey Bosa that's on the shelf right now for a little bit too. Again, no Keenan Allen so I think that should bump up Ekeler's targets in the short and intermediate pass game. So I feel like this is a really good spot, a really good bounce back spot for Austin Ekeler. So over 101 and a half combined rushing receiving yards

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, I love this one. OK Harmon, I'm going to challenge you to pick against your coworker here.


MATT HARMON: Hey, let me tell you what, boys. I'm not trying to have another episode of this podcast, "Ekeler's Edge," obviously, you just watched the video of it. Make sure you subscribe, Yahoo Fantasy Football forecast. Every Wednesday, get the episode. I'm not trying to have another episode with me sitting there like, Austin, felt like you didn't get enough touches last week. Where are the carries?

Because it's getting weird, OK. I don't want to do that anymore so I'm going to ride with Tank and take the over on this one as well. Hey, Brandon Staley, Joe Lombardi, let's wake up and get this season going here, all right? Yeah, I'm over here with Tank as well.

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, as you know, I don't like taking unders. That's really not my thing. But I'm going to do it here to differentiate myself a little bit, and because I will not have to face Austin Ekeler next week whether he does this or not. So give me the under. My line this week is going to be Khalil Herbert, and I'm going to take the over on 75 and 1/2 rushing yards.

And this is, listen, I get it. It's a big total. But Khalil Herbert is coming off 157-yard game with a couple of touchdowns. It was outstanding. He is facing a very user-friendly Giants defense. We know the Bears are going to keep it on the ground because amazingly enough, Justin Fields is averaging 15 pass attempts per game.

You can definitely run against the Giants. We saw both Zeke Elliott and Tony Pollard go off a week ago. I think Herbert gets it done here. He actually averaged in his four opportunities last year in which he was a featured runner, he averaged 86 rushing yards per game. So I think he does this pretty easily. Fellows, I'll start with you, Tank. What do you think? You like over or the under here?

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, I have to like the over right here. I mean, I know that I probably need to differentiate from you and Harmon a little bit in order to try to catch up to y'all since I'm in the back of the bus, but I mean, this is just a smash spot for Herbert. You don't have to worry about Montgomery, and you know that Justin Fields isn't going to throw the ball.

We already talked about the passing prop in this game. So Vegas is telling that, they're going to run the ball heavy and the Giants let you do that. So I'm going over.

ANDY BEHRENS: Harmon, is it a sweep?

MATT HARMON: It is a sweep. Not going to bet against the Bears Boomer offense and thinking they're suddenly going to start airing the ball out against an aggressive defense that plays a lot of man coverage, that blitzes a ton. I do think they keep this thing on the ground. And you mentioned it Andy, like when Khalil Herbert gets the ball, he's productive. So yeah, I'm going to go with the over on this one as well. And I'll also swing it back with mine here.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, give us your prop.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, yeah, let me go ahead and give mine as well. Let's get to what people are really excited about, the winner's circle over here. Tyler Lockett, I'm going over on 66 and 1/2 receiving yards against the Detroit Lions. A couple of different reasons here. One, hey man, they're kind of letting Geno cook down there in Seattle. And at the very least, he's actually doing what Russell Wilson would never, ever do with the Seattle Seahawks, which is just run the offense. Just take the layups, bro.

So Geno's doing it. And I love the way that the Lions defense right now, they'll give it up through the air. But I also last week, watching the film of them against Justin Jefferson, like they went hard with press coverage on with Jeff Okudah on Justin Jefferson with the second set of eyes on him. That opened up opportunities for other players on the field.

I think Tyler Lockett as the slot guy for the most part will be the other player there that gets home. I expect a big game from Lockett. Boys, do you need to-- Andy, let's start with you, because Mr. I got to differentiate, do you want to differentiate here and take the losing side of this bet?

ANDY BEHRENS: No, because I need Tyler Lockett to go over this number. I need a big week from Tyler Lockett. I actually really like what we got out of Seattle last week. They weren't throwing like 4 and 5 yards downfield to DK Metcalf anymore. They remembered that DK Metcalf can actually be a downfield target. That was kind of fun to see. And Tyler Lockett's been good now for a couple of weeks. He's just too good a player not to get here in a friendly matchup. Tank, you gonna sweep it?

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, I got to sweep it. I can't go against this. I mean, I've been mentioning this since the first week of the season when I saw AJ Brown go up into Detroit and sign his name on all those Detroit Lions defensive backs birth certificate, I was like yo, if I see a matchup where some teams have been coming in, throwing the ball well, receivers that can ball out, get deep, and catch intermediate passes, I'm a ride them each and every time.

And I believe this is the case with DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, so I got to ride with Harmon this week. I went against him last week, just because I was trying to play devil's advocate and I got pimp slapped in the face. Not again.

ANDY BEHRENS: I'm told that unfortunately, we have to look at the standings after three weeks. That's really unfortunate. At least Evan McPherson came through for me. I couldn't pick him this week, but I'll just remind people it is the safest bet in the world, right. He's gone over two field goals in 12 straight games.

Anyway, enough about Evan McPherson. Harmon still in the lead after another 2 and 1 week. But how are we allowing this to happen, Tank?

TANK WILLIAMS: I'm not sure. But I know one thing we can't allow is you to have more kicker props moving forward. So we got to resolve that ASAP.

ANDY BEHRENS: This was not covered in the rules. I'll try to avoid McPherson from here on out, but I'm not promising that I will not go with kicker props moving forward.