Week 3 DFS Values

Tank Williams runs through four DFS players fantasy managers should focus on in week 3.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: OK, Tank, let's keep it rolling with your Ballers on a Budget for week three.


TANK WILLIAMS: What it do, baby? It's your boy, T-money coming with my week three Ballers on a Budget. Now, first we're starting off with Jared Goff at Minnesota, $20 bucks. I need to talk to whoever at Yahoo set these prices because there's no reason Jared Goff should be priced at $20 bucks. I am putting my foot down right now. I'm tired of Jared Goff hate.

This dude has 6 touchdowns, 1 interception on the season. Matthew Stafford, who they always try to say they're the same guy, Stafford has 5 touchdowns and 4 picks. Make it make sense to me. Make it make sense to me. Actually, I think it's reversed. I think he actually has more picks than touchdowns. And you're still hitting on my boy Jared Goff going into a potential shootout where? Next to the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka. Make sure you get this dude in your lineup.

Now, Cordarrelle Patterson going up to the Pacific Northwest, facing up against those Seahawks. He's $15 bucks. Now, I get it. He had 22 touches in week one. And then he had the same amount of carries as my man Tyler Allgeier in week two. But I know. Trust me.

We've been talking about Kyle Pitts all the time. It's hard to trust anything that bubbles up in Arthur Smith's head, especially when it comes to talented players like my man Cordarrelle Patterson. But trust me. Put on your corduroy today. He's going to get it popping in Seattle.

Now at wide receiver, Christian Kirk, $18 bucks at the Chargers. I'm going to keep mentioning Christian Kirk's name until they get my man's dollars up on this DFS game because his short and long game in his prime, like Tiger Woods. I'm telling you, this dude is off the chain. He and Trevor Lawrence, they got this little vibe going on that reminds me eerily of Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen when those two cats linked up today.

And ooh, I just wish I could see everybody healthy and ball down in this game. It's not going to happen. But make sure you get Kirk in your lineup. He's going to definitely ball out today.

And rounding out, I got my man Tyler Higbee. He's going to Arizona to face off against those Cardinals. He's $18 bucks. We all thought it was going to be Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson going into the season showing out. No, you've got to follow the targets.

My man Tyler Higbee has 20 targets in the first two weeks of the season. And the Arizona Cardinals are one of the worst teams defending the tight end. So hey, you have to follow the targets. And the targets right now for Tyler Higbee are higher than a giraffe's-- uh, anything that you can name on a giraffe, it's probably higher than that.

So hey, remember, the T is for the money. And the money is something that you will not have in your wallet if you do not get these players in your lineup.