Week 14 inactives: Taysom HIll out; Trevor Lawrence to play

Fantasy Football Live’s Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon react to the latest injury news before Sunday’s Week 14 games kick off including how to approach the Packers receiving options on Monday Night.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Good morning, and welcome to week 14. No more fantasy losses, people. We're winning out from this point forward. We're going to help you navigate the week 14 injuries. I'm Andy Behrens. I'm joined by Matt Harmon. Let's take a look at the key actives and inactives heading into week 14. Starting the early games, Chris Olave, he's been sick. He's active. He's good to go. Taysom Hill, he's been kind of a fun fantasy cheat code. But doesn't look like he's going to be able to go in week 14. Didn't practice all week.

Trevor Lawrence, he's expected to be active. He is hobbled, obviously. We all saw him limping around in week 13. But he should be good to go. Amari Cooper also going to be active this week. Matt, talk to me about-- talk to me about New Orleans. What a weird team. Derek Carr has been injured, but he's going to play. Again, that's the story of every week for Derek Carr. Olave dinged. Hill not active. Is this just an Alvin Kamara blowup week?

MATT HARMON: Listen, I'm kind of embarrassed and potentially frightened to admit how much this Taysom Hill injury really puts me in a bad spot in a couple of leagues. But nevertheless, that is the position I find myself here in week 14. But yeah, look, I think this is going to be an Alvin Kamara show.

You know, we've seen this storyline with Derek Carr before, like you mentioned, where it's, oh, man, he's dealing with all these injuries. It doesn't look like-- doesn't look good. And then last minute, we get the report on Friday, Saturday, that oh, yeah, actually, Derek Carr is going to put on the suit and he's going to play. Like, it's pretty crazy at this point. I would say that Derek Carr is having one of the weirder seasons I can remember in recent quarterback memory.

But yeah, we've seen this show with Alvin Kamara before, even in-- I'm thinking about his first game back from suspension when Carr was dealing with multiple injuries. And Taysom Hill even played in that game. But, Andy, I'm sure you can't forget that Alvin Kamara had a 13-catch game for 33 receiving yards, 13 for 33. I mean, I forgot about that until looking it up this morning. What an outrageous stat line. But I think we could probably see something similar for Kamara in this game.

ANDY BEHRENS: Ugh, yeah. You wonder if at some point, they don't just-- they don't just let Derek Carr heal up for a week or two. It's weird. It has been the absolute strangest season. Let's look at the late games. We've got-- we've got Geno Smith has a groin injury. He's going to be a game-time decision, that matchup with the Niners. Kenneth Walker is expected to play, coming back from the oblique.

Isaiah Pacheco, of course, out this week. Dallas Goedert expected to play, coming back from an arm injury. And then in the Monday-nighter, Christian Watson is out. Of course, he picked up a hamstring injury. And Aaron Jones, coming back from the knee issue, he's questionable. Matt, what jumps out to you here? What are we doing with that Packers receiving corps in the absence of Christian Watson?

MATT HARMON: Man, I feel like we've been talking about the Packers receiving corps a lot lately. And it's-- you know, to use one of your phrases, Andy, it's because I think we're all kind of looking for new and creative ways, unironically, to get invested in the Jordan Love offense. That's how good he's played. My apologies and sympathies to all of you Bear fans out there. I mean, we've talked about Jayden Reed. I feel like he's got to win the Yahoo fantasy award for most referenced player in any sort of transaction or waiver column. And he's finally kind of up to a high roster percentage. I think he's a perfectly viable wide receiver 3 in this matchup.

Dontayvion Wicks, you know, he's a player I really like. I think he shines as a route runner. He gets a lot of yards after catch too. So I don't think-- if you're in a bad spot, I don't think he's a bad play. I think he's a perfectly, again, viable kind of wide receiver 3. And then, of course, there's Romeo Doubs, who I'm going to get excited about these two rookie receivers and Doubs is going to catch two touchdowns. Like, that's just how it goes. He's only a second-year player. But it seems like he's going to settle into that type of guy the rest of his career.

But, look, it's a good matchup for all these players against a Giants defense that plays man coverage but isn't super sound on the back end. So I think these Packers receivers might end up being-- it's tough to pick which one of them sets up the best. I think it's probably Jayden Reed. Even though he's coming off a slow game, I think he's probably the most valuable, the best player here. But again, I think all these guys are viable.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, we finally got Jayden Reed up to 60% rostered. It took, like, two months. It took a lot of, like, banging the table. But we finally did it. I'll also throw out the name Tucker Kraft, who just-- it's been low volume. He looks really good. He's looked really, really good for three weeks. So if you're desperate at tight end, he's an option and well-- as well. OK, let's go get these week 14 wins, people. And we will do it all over again next Sunday.