Watch: Notre Dame, Michigan State bands perform ‘Amazing Grace’

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20 years ago today the attacks on the United States changed the world forever. I was just 15 at the time and didn’t understand it and 20 years later I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply never will.

One of the very few good things that came from the brutal attacks though was the sense of community and togetherness you saw in the days and weeks that followed. Flags were displayed seemingly everywhere and for once it actually did feel like everyone was in this together.

When things began to return to normal there were incredibly touching tributes all over. Rivalries took a back seat to the things that really mattered.

I’ll always remember Notre Dame’s first game after the attacks, a home contest against Michigan State, and the marching bands coming together to perform “Amazing Grace” in an emotional tribute.

See that halftime performance below:

On the 20th anniversary of the attacks the plan is for Notre Dame and Toledo’s bands to perform “Amazing Grace” similarly this afternoon, something we all can look forward to.


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