WATCH: Chop Robinson learns he’s joining the Dolphins

There are always relatively awkward moments during the NFL draft when a player looks miserable learning which team he’s joining. It’s mostly due to television feed delays, like when Joe Alt stared into the void while ESPN talked about the Los Angeles Chargers picking him.

The Miami Dolphins didn’t have to worry about figuring out Chop Robinson was feeling when he became the No. 21 overall pick Thursday night. The former Penn State pass rusher’s excitement was palpable on both sides of the phone call.

“I feel like it’s a great fit for me,” Robinson told reporters later Thursday night. “I know it’s beautiful weather in Miami. I don’t know much about the city because I’ve never been that way, but I know I’ll have a great time there just enjoying with my teammates and being part of the team.”

So to answer Mike McDaniel’s question, yes, it sounds like Robinson is very OK with becoming the newest member of the Dolphins.

Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire